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Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research

Translating research into practice & policy: Health economics

Evidence-based dentistry

Methodology of handling data from longitudinal studies

Addressing the complexities in analyzing oral health data

Population based studies and surveys

Intervention studies

Clinical trials and evidence based dentistry

Assessing and improving data quality

Follow-up studies

MIOHR One-day Course
The COVID-19 pandemic made it for many organisations and meetings difficult to get re-started. This was also the case for the tenth dental-statistical meeting. Plans were made to organise the meeting in Athens in 2022. Unfortunately, local budget problems forced the local organizers to abandon their plans. Instead, a one-day course on Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research was given by Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre in the fall of 2022.
9th MIOHR Conference
It was planned to host the next dental-statistical meeting in New York in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined that idea! After lengthy discussions, the decision was made to postpone the meeting to 2021 and to organize it as an online meeting. Despite practical issues and a less ideal setting (online meetings are not the best way to stimulate discussions and start-up collaborations), an almost regular meeting was organized with as central topic Translating research into practice and policy: Health economics. Pre-recorded lectures were made available online for the participants to watch before the interactive live panel discussions with the speakers at a time convenient for participants from around the world, an opportunity not possible for in-person meetings. The meeting in this unique format allowed participants from different continents to connect simultaneously. The meeting counted on the exceptional contribution of John P. A. Ioannidis, one of the distinguished speakers of this unique event.
8th MIOHR Meeting
In 2018 the eight dental-statistical meeting was hosted by the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong with as central topic: Evidence-based dentistry. The conference was attended by about hundred oral health researchers, methodologists, statisticians and students from 15 countries. The two-and-a-half-day conference was successfully held with 4 keynote speeches, 2 symposia, pre- and post-conference workshops as well as 45 oral presentations and poster presentations. The pre-conference workshop focused on Conducting systematic reviews and network meta-analysis, while the post-conference workshop focused on How to GRADE the evidence and make recommendations. Two awards, Best Oral Presentation Award and the Best Poster Presentation Award, were sponsored by the Hong Kong Dental Association.
7th MIOHR Meeting
The seventh meeting (2016) was held in Bergen (Norway). The conference took place in the new building of the Department of Clinical Dentistry. The central topic of that meeting was the Methodology of handling data from longitudinal studies. The meeting hosted about 100 oral health researchers and statisticians/epidemiologists active in oral health research from more than 20 countries. A pre-conference course was organized entitled How to extract more (and better quality) information from your study. In addition, a post-conference course on Methods of handling data from longitudinal studies was organized. Both courses attracted 20-25 participants. The conference hosted several highly ranked international lecturers.
6th MIOHR Meeting
In 2014 the meeting moved to the other part of the world, namely to Adelaide in Australia. The Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH), University of Adelaide, sponsored and hosted the sixth edition of the meeting with a focus on Addressing the complexities in analyzing oral health data. Colgate and the Australian Dental Association provided additional sponsorship and supported research awards for best abstract, poster presentation and oral presentation. Other sponsored awards were best abstract by an ARCPOH researcher and the Dr James Robertson AM Award for best abstract by a Vietnamese postgraduate student. Over 80 representatives from 35 organizations and 18 countries worldwide attended the conference. Prior to this meeting, a full-day pre-conference workshop was organized dealing with different challenges encountered in oral health research. The post-conference workshop was entitled “Multilevel analysis: Methodological aspects and application to dental epidemiology” and was led by José Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. The pre- and post-conference workshop attracted 35-40 participants each.
5th MIOHR Meeting
The fifth meeting took place in Graz (Austria) in 2012 with again more than 100 participants, this time focussing on Population based studies and surveys. A special issue of the newly released Journal of Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Epidemiology (2013) was devoted to peer-reviewed submissions from this meeting.
4th MIOHR Meeting
The fourth meeting was held in 2010 in Istanbul (Turkey) with a focus on Intervention studies. Unfortunately, this meeting was plagued by the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. As a result, only about 70 of the participants and invited speakers could attend the meeting physically but a number of the participants were able to connect via videoconference. A selection of peer-reviewed submissions of the meeting was published in a special issue of Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology (2012).
3rd MIOHR Meeting
The third meeting was organised in Gargagno (Italy) in 2008, hosting again about 100 participants. The central topic of this meeting was Clinical trials and evidence based dentistry. Peer-reviewed papers of this meeting were published in a special issue in Statistics in Medicine (2009).
2nd MIOHR Meeting
In 2006, the second meeting was organised in Ghent (Belgium) with central topic Assessing and improving data quality and with about the same number of participants. After this meeting an edited Wiley book on “Methodological and Statistical Issues in Oral Health Research” was published in 2009. A number of contributors of this edited volume had also contributed to the first two dental-statistical meetings.
1st MIOHR Meeting

In 2004, the first international bi-annual dental-statistical meeting ‘Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research’, was organised in Leuven (Belgium) as a result of a longstanding collaboration between Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre both appointed at KU Leuven (Belgium), with the aim to improve the collaboration between oral health researchers, epidemiologists and statisticians. The meeting was quite successful with about 100 participants (60% oral health researchers). The main topic of the first meeting was Follow-up studies. Selected (peer-reviewed) publications from this meeting were published in a special issue of Statistical Methods in Medical Research (2005).

10th Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research International Meeting


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